About Us

If you want to look naturally beautiful using only the pure stuff, Nature’s Cartel is your source. Our products use strictly vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients, providing the most luxurious experience to bring you to the next level.

Nature’s Cartel knows you want the pure stuff.  

We are proud to provide a conscientious line with a big personality that focuses on clean beauty. This is a line with a modern outlook on classic beauty. We use top-notch ingredients for the best products while toeing the line with our sass, so you can have fun while being the best you possible!

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Behind the Brand

Nature’s Cartel was created by beauty industry renegade, Samara Granofsky. This fresh brand aims to provide the best beauty experience with ingredients that are safe for you and for the animal kingdom. Sam brought Nature’s Cartel to life to expand her passion for great beauty products into the world of natural care.

As she does, all products are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free. Sam does not mess around with her ethics. She wants the best of everything and she wants it for you as well. Oh and it’s gotta have edge!